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SongBuilder Studios is a full-service recording studio owned by Stephen Joseph Antonelli and Nate Lanzino

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SongBuilder Studios offers in-house producers, songwriters and recording engineers who build songs, record them and help you market them effectively.  We are a one stop shop for the working songwriter, musician and artist.  There are many studios to choose from but we offer SongBuilding...

  • In-house producers to give you the edge you need to stay competitive
  • In-house songwriters to help you map out your song
  • State-of-the-art equipment and recording tools
  • A professional and comfortable relaxed studio experience
  • Knowledge and help for intelligent marketing resources and music business details for musicians and artists

Stephen Joseph Antonelli

Stephen Antonelli, Founder of SongBuilderStudios

Stephen Joseph Antonelli is a music producer, composer, arranger, musician, engineer with 20+ years of experience.  He's worked with countless bands and artists through the years and seen national and commercial success with his production and songwriting including film and TV placements. "The biggest and most rewarding challenge for me is to make sure the artists is honest.  Even if it's not my most preferred style of music. The public will spot a fake a mile away". 

Nate Lanzino

Nate Lanzino, Producer at SongBuilder Studios

Ben Hancock

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Nate Lanzino has been producing/recording for over 5years now.  He's a wiz producer who's completely in touch with current musical trends, a well rounded musical palate, a killer musical ear and an impressive work ethic.  "I'm all about artists' music getting the best representation possible. The only thing that matters when you leave a session with me is that you got what you came for, if not better.


Ben Hancock is an engineer and producer. Ben is a recent graduate of Towson University.  He started as an intern and we had to have him at the studio to work with us!  Ben brings a real attention to detail and a lightness to the recording process making all our clients feel at home and get the best performance they can.  "Music is sacred to me and I love working with artists who bring there all to the studio"



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SongBuilder Songwriting

Along with producing and writing songs with artists and bands, SongBuilder Studios understands and fosters the songwriting process.  In fact Stephen Joseph Antonelli, Seth Hurwitz and Nate Lanzino are all accomplished songwriters who write songs to actively pitch for film, TV and other artist opportunities.  Check out some of our work below. 


Songs written by SongBuilders



(443) 288-6390



709 Fredrick Rd, Ste 2B Catonsville, MD21228




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